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SPARCs in Space: The Cobham UT700 Leon3FT Processor
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In the 1990s the ESA began a project to develop their own, open source, easily usable processor for space applications. Before this the ESA had used mainly MIL-STD-1750A processors

19/09/23 | www.cpushack.com

Framework Mainboard powers this modular, upgradable handheld gaming PC - Liliputing
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Framework Mainboard powers this modular, upgradable handheld gaming PC

19/09/23 | liliputing.com

From zero to one hundred in 0.956 seconds
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Students from ETH Zurich and Lucerne University of Applied Sciences and Arts have broken the previous world record for acceleration with their hand-​built electric racing car, mythen. The vehicle...

14/09/23 | ethz.ch

A history of Apple making us buy new cables
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Apple’s changed plugs before.

12/09/23 | www.theverge.com

It’s Official: Cars Are the Worst Product Category We Have Ever Reviewed for Privacy
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privacidad en los autos? Olvídense! Mozilla hizo un review de cómo maneja la privacidad el software de las marcas más importantes de autos y ninguna hace un trabajo decente al respecto

07/09/23 | foundation.mozilla.org

Everything I know about floppy disks
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Floppy disk drives are curious things. We know them as the slots that ingest those small almost-square plastic "floppy disks" and we only really see them now in Computer Museums. But there's a lot...

06/09/23 | thejpster.org.uk

La estrategia china en la guerra de los chips de inundar el mercado tradicional activa las alarmas en EE UU y la UE
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Aunque Pekín tiene complicado la fabricación de los chips más punteros por las sanciones, China está optando por hacerse con el mercado de los modelos más baratos y antiguos

01/08/23 | cincodias.elpais.com

The buttons on Zenith’s original “clicker” remote were a mechanical marvel
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The Space Command fixed problems we still live with today.

01/08/23 | www.theverge.com

IBM Blue Lightning: World’s Fastest 386? | OS/2 Museum
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The Blue Lightning CPU is an interesting beast. There is not a whole lot of information about what the processor really is, but it can be pieced together from various scraps of information. Around...

31/07/23 | www.os2museum.com

Australia on the move: how GPS keeps up with a continent in constant motion
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Australia is always on the move thanks to continental drift which means the mapped coordinates of any place can get out of line with any GPS locating system. So what’s the plan to fix it?

17/07/23 | theconversation.com

The US Navy, NATO, and NASA are using a shady Chinese company’s encryption chips
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US government warns encryption chipmaker Hualan has suspicious ties to China’s military.

21/06/23 | arstechnica.com

Los pendrives pesan más cuanto más llenos de ceros están
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Contrariamente a lo que podría pensarse, los pendrives no pesan más cuando más «llenos de archivos» están, sino que pesan más cuando contienen más ceros. Esto se debe a que las memorias flash...

27/05/23 | www.microsiervos.com