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Malicious VSCode extensions with millions of installs discovered
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A group of Israeli researchers explored the security of the Visual Studio Code marketplace and managed to "infect" over 100 organizations by trojanizing a copy of the popular 'Dracula Official theme...

13/06/24 | www.bleepingcomputer.com

268% higher failure rates for Agile software projects
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In praise of knowing the requirements before you start cranking out code

06/06/24 | www.theregister.com

Microsoft Open-Sources GW-BASIC
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We are excited to announce the open-sourcing of Microsoft's GW-BASIC on GitHub!

28/05/24 | devblogs.microsoft.com

Your Open-Source Client Options In The Non-Mastodon Fediverse
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When things started getting iffy over at Twitter, Mastodon rose as a popular alternative to the traditional microblogging platfrom. In contrast to the walled gardens of other social media channels,…

10/05/24 | hackaday.com

Megalanzamiento 6 de KDE
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La comunidad de KDE presenta con orgullo Plasma 6, Frameworks 6 y Gear 24.02

01/03/24 | kde.org

The world\'s smallest PNG
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It takes 67 bytes to make one black pixel. How does it work?

05/01/24 | evanhahn.com

The IDEs we had 30 years ago... and we lost
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A deep dive into the text mode editors we had and how they compare to today\'s

03/01/24 | blogsystem5.substack.com

\"Ni siquiera saben copiar y pegar\" ni \"abrir un documento de Word\": los más jóvenes tienen problemas con usos básicos del PC
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La generación Alfa es la primera nacida 100% digital y, mientras tienen acceso a tecnologías de gran calidad, les faltan conocimientos en conceptos básicos del uso diario

03/01/24 | www.genbeta.com

The History of XENIX
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A Failed Future and a Long Life.\r\nIn the November 1980 issue of BYTE, the publication reported that Microsoft signed an agreement with Western Electric for the rights to develop and market UNIX from...

27/12/23 | www.abortretry.fail

The beauty of finished software
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Let me introduce you to WordStar 4.0, a popular word processor from the early 80s.\r\nWordStar 4.0\r\nAs old as it seems, George R.R. Martin used it to write “A Song of Ice and Fire”.\r\nWhy would...

27/12/23 | josem.co

How the Mac didn’t bring programming to the people
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HyperTalk, AppleScript, Prograph, Automator, Swift Playgrounds and Shortcuts – all wonderful tools in their day, but none has brought coding to the crowd.

30/09/23 | eclecticlight.co