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The Linux kernel scheduler has been accidentally hardcoded to a maximum of 8 cores for the past 15 years and nobody noticed
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TL;DR This doesn’t mean that the scheduler can’t use more than 8 cores. The scheduler controls how to allocate tasks to available cores. How to schedule particular workloads efficiently…

16/11/23 | thehftguy.com

Running Linux on an ESP32-S3
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Clem Mayer's Raspberry Pi Compute Module 4-inspired project is a combination ESP32-S3, RP2040, and more- all on a single, compact PCB.

18/10/23 | www.hackster.io

Linux on a Commodore C64
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El proyecto más ridículo y genial: ejecutar Linux en una Commodore C64

28/08/23 | github.com

Desktop Linux has a Firefox problem – OSnews
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There’s no denying that the browser is the single-most important application on any operating system, whether that be on desktops and laptops or on mobile devices. Without a capable, fast, and solid...

14/08/23 | www.osnews.com

Transform Your Android Device into a Linux Desktop
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A Step-by-Step Guide on Setting up Termux with a Desktop Environment

03/08/23 | mrs-t.medium.com

89 operating systems | daniel.haxx.se
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Curl funciona en 89 sistemas operativos, 24 arquitecturas de CPU y mucho más!

29/11/22 | daniel.haxx.se

Trying on all the Ubuntu remixes for size
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Which flavors are the lightest and the heaviest disk and memory-wise?

22/08/22 | www.theregister.com

GNOME cumple 25 años y lo celebra por todo lo alto ¡Enhorabuena!
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GNOME, el archiconocido entorno de escritorio para Linux y otros sistemas, acaba de cumplir 25 años como proyecto. Mucho ha llovido desde aquel 15 de agosto 1997, cuando Miguel de Icaza y Federico...

16/08/22 | www.muylinux.com

Comandos linuxeros
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Más de 90 comandos usados por usuarios de linux, listado super útil

09/08/22 | threadreaderapp.com

HP Dev One, un nuevo portátil para desarrolladores con Pop!_OS
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HP Dev One se suma al club de las notebooks \"para programadores\" con soporte para Linux, estimo que junto con las Dell XPS, Thinkpad y las de nicho

24/05/22 | www.muylinux.com

NVIDIA Releases Open-Source GPU Kernel Modules
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The first open-source release of GPU kernel modules for the Linux community help improve NVIDIA GPU driver quality and security.

12/05/22 | developer.nvidia.com

Using Windows after 15 years on Linux
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I\'ve been using Linux exclusively for ~15 yrs. This is my first time using Windows after a 15-year break. This is how it\'s been going.

11/04/22 | duncanlock.net