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Open Source AI Is the Path Forward | Meta
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Mark Zuckerberg outlines why he believes open source AI is good for developers, Meta and the world.

25/07/24 |

Chinese researchers create four-gram drone
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Chinese researchers have created a drone that weighs just over four grams – less than a sheet of printer paper – and may be able to fly indefinitely.\r\n\r\nDocumented in a paper published last...

23/07/24 |

US-made Abrams are better than Russia's best tanks in the war, Ukrainian commander says, and it's not even close
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A Ukrainian commander of an M1 Abrams said the American-made armor was better than Soviet-era tanks and even Russia's T-90s.

20/07/24 |

Valve runs its massive PC gaming ecosystem with only about 350 employees
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Ars\' leak analysis shows a large \"Games\" department and a very well-paid \"Admin\" team.

18/07/24 |

Las baterías chinas cuestan la mitad que hace un año y hace que los coches eléctricos ya sean más baratos que los térmicos
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El precio de las baterías LFP en China ha caído un 51%, una circunstancia que permite que los eléctricos ya sean más baratos que los térmicos. También tiene implicaciones en otras industrias.

16/07/24 |

Qualcomm’s Oryon Core: A Long Time in the Making
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In 2019, a startup called Nuvia came out of stealth mode. Nuvia was notable because its leadership included several notable chip architects, including one who used to work for Apple. Apple chips li…

12/07/24 |

Linksys Velop routers send Wi-Fi passwords in plaintext to US servers
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According to Testaankoop, the Belgian equivalent of the Consumers' Association, two types of Linksys routers are sending Wi-Fi login details in plaintext

11/07/24 |

Grounded Dreams: The Ambrosini Sagittario, A Marvel of Italian Aviation - Vintage Aviation News
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While the Sagittario may not have achieved widespread operational success, its contributions to the field of aeronautics and its role in the evolution of jet-powered flight in Italy are undeniable

09/07/24 |

Neo Geo Architecture | A Practical Analysis
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An in-depth analysis that explains how this console works internally

01/07/24 |

Zuckerberg disses closed-source AI competitors as trying to 'create God' | TechCrunch
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In the conversation, Zuckerberg said there needs to be a lot of different AIs that get created to reflect people's different interests.

28/06/24 |

Check Out These Fascinating, Declassified Photos of The A-12 Oxcart RCS Tests Inside Area 51
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Former Area 51 Special Projects Team Member Provides a Remarkable Insight Into Shadowy A-12 Oxcart Project. In another remarkable chapter in the history

26/06/24 |

Of Psion and Symbian
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Mobile before iOS and Android

26/06/24 |