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About 175,000 workers launched the strike on Wednesday, crippling activity on major projects such as the Champlain Bridge and a Montreal superhospital.

Around the world, conservatives have been shaking up the status quo, and for a time, it looked like Canadian conservatives were going to do the same.

Singh and Stogran are now among six official candidates looking to take over the party’s top job in October.

People who’ve lost loved ones are eager to finally share their experiences but have questions about how their stories will be used, advocates say.

The new Conservative leader’s first task will be keeping the social conservatives at bay.

Justin Trudeau called new CPC leader Andrew Scheer from Italy, where the prime minister is currently on a state visit following the G7 summit.

Expectations are that more than 400,000 will be on the Hill for Canada Day alone and the city will draw as many as 10 million throughout the year. They will have to take the good with the bad when it comes to construction.
Service NLThe Government of Newfoundland and Labrador has accepted a proposal from Corner Brook Pulp and Paper Limited (CBPPL) that will secure the future of the company’s pension plans, while allowing the company to focus its financial resources on maintaining the viability of its operations.

The party’s social conservative wing and a well-organized dairy farmers’ lobby helped Andrew Scheer to victory, but as Chantal Hébert writes, they may not help the Tories beat the Liberals in 2019.
The majority of Quebecers who list their properties on Airbnb and other home rental websites are not registering with the province, just over a year since it implemented a law regulating them, new data suggests.

The RCMP says the Ashcroft fire department found Clayton Cassidy’s body in the water at about 10:30 p.m. Saturday, during its daily patrol of Cache Creek.
Un inmigrante latino nos cuenta su primera experiencia en un estudio clínico en Montreal. Este testimonio fue recogido y narrado por mi colega David Arias. The post Diario de un inmigrante: Como conejillo de Indias de un estudio clínico en Montreal appeared first on NM Noticias.
Six NDP leadership candidates will square off for the third debate in Sudbury, Ont., today. It begins at 2 p.m. ET and will carry it live.

The governing Liberals believe they have plenty of ammunition against Scheer, starting with the fact that he owes his squeaker victory over Bernier largely to the support of social conservatives who want to reopen divisive debates about abortion and same-sex marriage.
Bold changes aren't terribly conservative, which helps explain how Andrew Scheer became leader of the federal Conservative party. But he wasn't the only person who won something in this race.
Both the coast guard and Joint Task Force Atlantic responded to a distress call from a ship about 287 kilometres southeast of Halifax early this morning.

Pro-life, 38, “Stephen Harper With A Smile”: What we know about the new Conservative leader and his path to making political history.
An artist who's the son of a residential school survivor is urging the Supreme Court of Canada to rule to preserve the stories of more than 35,000 people like his father so future generations can learn from the tragic chapter in the country's history.
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