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The change comes after years of litigation and before a judge prepared to rule on the $1.3-billion class action suit.
Este jueves 27 de septiembre, Guillermo Varela Vallespi, bloguero de NM, realizará un seminario, gratuito y en español, en el que los asistentes obtendrán información precisa sobre la compra de una propiedad, dirigido a todos aquellos que tengan planificado adquirir una vivienda en Quebec, bien sea este año o en los próximos. The post Este jueves: Seminario gratuito y en español sobre la compra de una propiedad appeared first on NM Noticias.
The World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA) is one step closer to staying in Montreal after a weekend of negotiations in Paris.
The provincial government is investing $27,600 to assist young professionals and entrepreneurs in the Miramichi region.
Health Canada is seeking a contractor to develop a marketing campaign targeting young Canadians about the risks of using Cannabis.
When Sheza Hasan came home earlier this week, she was surprised to find a mysterious box had been left on her front porch. When she opened it up, she found 25 handmade dolls made of fabric and sporting a variety of colourful outfits.
Canadian airlines are lining up to offer the latest trend in air travel: cheap, no-frills fares. But experts warn that the discount fares may not always be the best deal for passengers.
From some of the most permissive political fundraising rules in Canada, British Columbia is moving toward having some of the strictest. It's the latest province to lower individual contribution limits and ban donations from unions and corporations.

Artifacts include a crucifix Riel is believed to have handed to a member of the North-West Mounted Police prior to the rebellion leader’s execution.

Organizers denounce what they describe as the Canadian and Quebec governments’ timid responses to the intensifying Spanish crackdown ahead of a planned referendum on Oct. 1.
RCMP say officers were told not to chase a stolen truck that ended up crashing into a minivan and killing three women from Edmonton.
After spending nearly a week in two Ontario hospitals and a Quebec hospital, Ugo Fredette, who was arrested last week in connection with an Amber Alert case, is now in a detention centre in Saint-Jérôme.
Following a Marketplace investigation, host David Common and expert mechanic Mark Whinton participated in a Facebook Live, answering viewers' questions about their vehicles and what actually needs work when at the car dealership.
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